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The most technologically advanced HTML5 player in the market to power your videos across all browsers and mobile devices in a snap!!

Our player is used on one of the most famous streaming services Soap2Day. With the help of our player, all content on this portal is displayed.

With Viperwolf HTML5 player, not only does your videos look beautiful on the outside - but you also have the peace of mind that all the hidden parts behind the player are engineered with great care and state of the art perfection.

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Why you should get this amazing Viperwolf HTML5 Video Player to empower the videos in your site...

  • The Viperwolf HTML5 Video Player is designed with consumers in mind. Thats the reason this player comes along with a Secure Video Management System! Yes for the first time you get a package that is integrated with a beautiful ADMIN PANEL!
    • The Admin panel keeps tracks of all the videos you have uploaded in your site. So you can Preview / edit / delete videos in a click
    • Get notifications and enable new updates to your HTML5 player directly from the Admin panel (The Panel is Responsive in design - so you can control it even from your mobile)
    Click here to see a demo of our incredible Admin Panel.

  • Did you know?
      • For a video to play in your HTML5 player , you should have the video in 3 formats
        (WebM, .OGG, HPV6). Or else its not gonna play in all browsers. Its also very sad that other players in the market hide this bitter truth!
      • So for each video you should upload it in 3 formats!! Well thats not gonna be an easy task!
      • So thats the reason our incredible Viper
      Video player comes with a built in automatic Video Converter!! Just upload a video using our user friendly Admin Panel and it automatically gets converted to all 3 formats in a snap! How much more easy can life get? :)

  • The Viperwolf Video Player has powerful Advertisement management solutions built inside to monetize your videos.
    • Is tightly integrated with Google Adsense, so you can bring in your Adsense Ads at the bottom of the video.
    • Has provisions to run Video Ads before a video is played.
    • Custom Ads can be run by just entering text to appear in the Admin panel.

  • Viperwolf player is beautiful - elegant - Sleek - Cute :)
    • Yes the player comes with built in 5 skins. Again you can select the skins as required from the Admin Panel.
    • Our innovative UI engineers keep continually creating beautiful skins and packaging it - which will appear as a notification in your Admin Panel.


Elegance, Performance, Full Features. No Compromise