The Viperwolf video management suite ( VMS ) comes with a complete Ad pack.

The Viperwolf Ad pack

Since all of this is in HTML5 your Ad monetizing also gets carried over to all the mobile and hand held devices as well .

Managing Videos have never been this easier.


We have just made it easy for you to bring in any advertisement , from any Ad provider inside your video player !

This Overlay Ad can be used on any video that runs on your site . It doesn’t require you to use just the Viperwolf player to get this feature - it just works fantastic with any player present on your website.

Just in 3 simple steps :

  • - You install the Viperwolf Admin panel in your website ( Eg :
  • - Get the Ad code from your Ad provider ( Eg : Google Adsense , Adbrite , Clickbank etc.)
  • - Create an overlay unit and insert the Ad code inside the unit and generate the overlay script
  • - Paste the script in your web page and the overlay will appear with your providers Ad !

How to make money from YouTube with Viperwolf overlay Ads ?

Yes - you can easily monetize YouTube videos also !

Just create your overlay Ad ( with your Ad providers Ad code ) and overlay it on top of your Youtube video . The overlay will appear on top of your YouTube video and lock it .

You can also set the size of your Overlay Ad so it just appears as a strip at the bottom of your Youtube video . Now how much simpler can monetizing YouTube videos get !

Can affiliate Ads also be put on the overlay ?

Yes absolutely it can be done . All you need to do is create a new overlay unit and put in your favorite affiliate Ad script ( Eg : Clickbank , Commission junction etc. ) . The Ad will appear as an overlay . Also works like a champ on YouTube videos .

Youtube video player sporting a Google adsense Ad script
Youtube video player sporting a ClickBank affiliate Ad

Vimeo player sporting a ClickBank affiliate Ad
Daily motion video sporting a ClickBank affiliate ad



Video lead capture pages

Viperwolf Ad pack comes with a versatile lead capture feature. This helps internet marketers to create a Video squeeze page in no time.

How does this Video squeeze work ?

Creating a Video squeeze page in a breeze using the Viperwolf Ad pack .

  • - Upload a video
  • - Using the Viperwolf Ad pack create a lead capture form.
  • - Set the timing on when the video should get locked with the squeeze page ( You can also set to have a "Close" button )
  • - Generate the video code and embed it in your website.

Now when the user views the video,at a particular time frame (which is defined by you in the VMS),the video gets locked with the Lead capture form ( Squeeze page).Only when the user fills in valid information , the Video is un-locked and resumes from that point.

The leads collected from the Video squeeze page can be viewed in the Admin panel.

Video squeeze page

What is a Video Squeeze page?

Internet marketers require leads to be captured . There are many form of lead capture mechanisms online to capture leads. But the most effective method is to have a tempting video and as the user watches the video, locking it at a particular point of time - asking the viewer to fill in a form before the video resumes. This sort of lead capture mechanism works like charm as the Viewer badly needs to see the remaining video and it is possible only after filling in a form. This is the concept behind Video squeeze pages (Video lead capture pages). Check out the sample video below to see a educational Video squeeze page in action (Watch the video for 10 seconds and the video gets locked with a video squeeze page - Fill in the lead and the video resumes)

The developers in Viperwolf keep continually updating the Ad pack with innovative video squeeze templates for Marketers to make use of in a seamless manner.



Pre roll ads / Post roll Ads

The Viperwolf Ad pack comes with a sleek Pre roll ad solution . You can upload video advertisements to the VMS and tag it to the required videos . The pre roll Ad runs before the video opens .


Image overlay Ads

In the same manner as Pre roll Ads , Viperwolf Ad pack has a built in solution for creating custom Image Ads and integrating in your videos . Any image Ad can be uploaded to the VMS and tagged to any video .


Upcoming features

In the next update a whole new set of features and ad networks are being added. It starts from Supporting Advertisement networks like Google Adsense, Videopia, Brightroll, Videoengg, and Yume to name a few. Custom Ads can be run by just entering text to appear in the Admin panel. We are adding more networks as you are reading this. Our experts are also including support for VAST in the player.

What is VAST?

Video Ad Serving Template (“VAST”) includes a standard XML-based ad response for in-stream video as well as an XML Schema Definition (“XSD”) for developers. It is meant to accommodate the majority of current practices within the online digital video advertising business. VAST is designed for any on -demand video player where the ad response is parsed prior to play. For example, use of this standard would be appropriate within an Adobe Flash player and HTML5 player if the ad response was requested and parsed in ActionScript but would not be appropriate if contained directly within a SMIL playlist directly sent to the player. It may be possible to use this XML format for applications other than on-demand viewing such as live video streaming, downloadable video players, set-top boxes, etc, but those applications are explicitly beyond the scope of the current effort. The goal of this specification is to be compatible with any video player framework that has the ability to be scriptable. It will be up to each Secondary Ad Server to develop its own implementation of the standard and it will be up to each publisher or vendor to implement the standard in their Primary Ad Server and their Video Players. If the above paragraph seemed to technical – Just skip it. In short VAST is a template if included into your player, you will get access to almost all the video Ad networks via. it. Advertisements will start appearing on your player so you can monetize it.


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What is HTML5?

HTML is one of the major markup languages being used to describe the content or data found on the Internet. The latest version of that markup language is HTML5. It comes with scripting-based APIs and some new features. There are also some improvements on the existing features.

However, HTML5 is more than just a reformulation of the previous versions. This language has all the valid elements found in XHTML 1.0 and HTML4. Furthermore, this language has been designed keeping in mind some primary principles so that it works on almost every platform and it works properly with older browsers. It is also capable handling errors gracefully. The design principles based on which HTML5 was created is explained on W3C’s HTML Design Principles.

HTML5 has redefined some of the existing markup elements. It has also new elements that enable web designers express the semantics in a better manner. There is no need to put too many DIV’s on your page when you can put articles, headers, sections, footers, and more.

Additionally many other new APIs and technologies have also referred using the term HTML5. video and audio elements, canvas element with drawing facility, drag-and-drop functionality, offline storage, embedded fonts, and microdata are some of these new APIs and technologies. Here we are going to cover in detail only the audio and video elements.

You should also note that certain technologies which once formed a part of HTML5 are no longer a part of it and thus, can’t be clubbed under the “HTML5” umbrella. Also other technologies that never were a part of HTML5 at times have been clubbed with it. “HTML5 and related technologies” is one of the broad, all-encompassing expressions used. An alternative term has been proposed by Bruce Lawson (half-jokingly) – “NEWT” (New Exciting Web Technologies).

However, to keep things short we’ll use the term “HTML5” to refer to these technologies (even if it means inciting heated arguments).

HTML5 Video

First before talking about HTML5 video we would give a brief idea about how web masters as well as site owners will benefit from it.

* Web masters live by monetizing their content on Web pages. With the new trend, of browsing habit moving to hand held devices - nearly 50% of the traffic is opening websites on such devices. Since Flash is not supported on these devices - web masters will be loosing on the AD income from their existing Flash players. Here is where a

HTML5 Video Player

gives a great helping hand.

* Flash video players do not have inbuilt SEO elements in them unlike a

HTML5 Video Player.

This means that search engines can understand HTML5 players content better - resulting in better ranking and more traffic.


HTML5 Video Player

is different from Flash plug-ins in the sense that it is more like a browser canvas and not a plug-in. This enables one to add innovative social media elements at the end of the video. For example one can attach a small FB app to the player that triggers a user action at the end of each video. This can’t be easily done in Flash players.

What is HTML5 Video

HTML5 has gained importance in eye of the public due to the video element. The general public which uses the Web found that it could not view YouTube videos on iPad/iPhone because Apple does not support Flash (Thus came the requirement of a

HTML5 Video Player


HTML5 could display videos not only on iPad/iPhone, but also on any browser or mobile device. Only a few users of the web like you understood what exactly this meant. It means that you can embed the video files into a web page and that too without the need for any third-party plug-ins like those needed by Flash. HTML5 provides a native video playback that can be used in a browser – using which a

HTML5 Video Player

is made by providers.

In technical terms for HTML specification the video element is a huge addition as the video element can be integrated like any other HTML element. The video can for example interact with JavaScript and CSS.

Tip: The number of people browsing the Internet using hand-held devices is rapidly increasing. In one year’s time the amount of browsing done on hand-held devices is estimated to be a staggering 60%!

What does the “video format conversion hurdle” mean?

There is, however, a stumbling block that is not openly discussed by many HTML5 video providers. But what is this stumbling block? It seems that companies like Microsoft, Apple, etc. have not come to consensus on which format HTML5 videos should follow. So if one’s

HTML5 Video Player

is to work across all browsers then you should have the video in all three formats - WebM, MP4, and Ogg. This has to be done of or your video might not work at all on some major browser. This means you have to manually convert the video into all three formats.

In the following paragraphs we plan to shed some light on these formats.

Video Formats

The file size of a video file can be very large to be included on a web page. Depending on the quality and the length of the video, the size can easily go into gigabytes. Thus, if you want to display it on the web and run on a

HTML5 Video Player

, then you should find a compression format to reduce the size of the video to make it deliverable on the Internet. Codec is the name given to the form of compression that is applied to the video. Since the video is in a multimedia format it will contain both video and audio components. Thus codec only forms a part of the video file. The video and audio parts are placed together in what is called a container format. This container format is the actual video file.

The three major video container format on the Web are MPEG-4, Ogg, and WebM. These container formats will contain codec for both video and audio compression with metadata of the video like subtitles so it plays well in any

HTML5 Video Player

across browsers.

Theora Ogg

Theora Ogg is from Xiph.Org Foundation and like its audio counterpart is both free and open. It has no royalty or licensing issues. As is it with the audio, the container format name is Ogg and the video-compression format it uses is called Theora. The earlier versions of the codec were inferior to other similar codec’s, but that has changed a great deal. It is now comparable to H.264 output.

MP4 (H.264)

Moving Picture Experts Group defined MP4 or MPEG-4. This container was developed to deliver DVD quality audio and video in small packages. The small size of an MP4 file makes it highly suitable for both portable players and of course the web.

There are 17 different profiles in H.264 and each profile will provide additional feature which usually means an increase in file size. Thus some are suitable for HTML5 video while others are not. The profiles that are normally used for HTML5 video are Baseline and Main.


Many web - industry giants like Google, Adobe, Opera and Mozilla support WebM. The aim of WebM project is to produce an open video format that is of high quality and royalty-free.

VP8 codec is used to compress the video content. On2 Technologies developed VP8 codec. This company was bought by Google in February of 2010. The codec is usually used within the WebM container.

What's an HTML5 Video Player?

As the name suggests - a

HTML5 Video Player

is a Javascript Web player that plays Videos. Right now the web is dominated by Flash powered video players. But as mentioned in the previous sections, Flash is no longer supported in Mobile and hand held devices. This issue can be solved by using a

HTML5 Video Player

instead. The

HTML5 Video Player

is \ plugin free and runs on the browser using the video tag. Since its a HTML5 standard - the

HTML5 Video Player>

is compatible across all browsers and mobile devices. But as mentioned the

HTML5 Video Player

is prone to a couple of native issues which is been addressed effectively by the Viperwolf Player.

How to make money from YouTube | How to make money on YouTube ?

Everyone knows the power of YouTube and the millions of visitors YouTube gets everyday . The web is flooded with YouTube videos and its just everywhere !

Many portals and websites run dependant on YouTube videos and its very essential for all these sites to monetize YouTube videos . A right method for making money from YouTube is the need of the moment . There are many discussions on how to monetize YouTube and the best method for YouTube monetization .

So the big question is ,

Can you make money on YouTube ?

100% can be made , and we have seen many mint money by monetizing YouTube videos . Lets discuss some effective ways to make money from YouTube ( which will effectively answer the question of " How do you make money on YouTube ? " )

Ok - Now how to make money from YouTube videos ?

There are 2 working ways to make money from YouTube :

1 ) Via. a Channel on YouTube ( But here the Ad revenue is shared and not in your control )

2 ) Via. your own portal which is filled with YouTube videos and monetizing YouTube videos on it .

Lets discuss the 2nd method of making money from YouTube ( its a more stable method and the full control to monetize YouTube videos is in your hands . We can also involve creative methods to form a multi channel for monetizing YouTube videos on our very own site )

For this method to work effectively you will be needing a video site that runs just on YouTube videos .

Step 1 : Host a video site that runs just on YouTube videos . Keep adding more and more YouTube videos on various categories . Build your traffic ( Via. SEO and Referral traffic )

Step 2 : Now on each post ( Which contains a YouTube video ) create spaces for Ads and populate it with a variety of Ads from different providers ( Adsense , Adbrite etc. )

Step 3 : Sign up for Video Ads from Ad providers like Google video Ads , Vdopia ads etc. Let the YouTube video be locked and opens up only when the video Ad runs ( hence viewers are forced to view the video Ads before the YouTube video is un-locked )

Hope this article was of help to you . We will be updating this article with more information on how to make money using YouTube . If you have new ideas on how to make money from YouTube , please share the knowledge .