Incredible Facebook Photo Gallery to power your Website's Image Gallery

This amazing HTML5 Photo Gallery fetches pictures and albums from Facebook page and creates a beautiful Image gallery on your Wordpress website. The pictures and albums are directly powered from facebook and can be controled from there effortlessly.

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    Every website requires an image gallery. How easy would it be if your wordpress site's photo gallery is directly powered from your Facebook page? Facinating aint it? This powerful wordpress Facebook image gallery plugin just slips in seamlessly into your website and creates beautiful albums from the pictures you have in Facebook.

    Ready to Use
    Download-install and just works fantastic for lifetime period. Wont take you more than 10 minutes to get incredible HTML5 Slider up and running. Installation help is given in a most user friendly manner so anyone can install it in a few clicks.

    • Installs in a snap on any Wordpress site .
    • Option to populate your Image Gallery from any facebook page
    • NO DATABASE REQUIRED ! Every picture on your site is powered by Facebook.
    • Your albums are updated A-synchronously. No need to refresh. Your website image gallery is always fresh.
  • Provisions to display image descriptions.
  • Thumbnails of pictures are created automatically & can be re-sized to sizes of your requirements.
  • Facebook is your Admin panel! Now how simpler can it get? Directly delete / update / upload pictures from your facebook page, and it will get updated in your website ** Voila! **
  • Nill space space used on your server & no bandwith usage, as everything is taken care by facebook for you.
  • Photos display in a beautiful light box style.
  • Full caching for maximum speed.


This html5 photo gallery is packaged with the simplest installation method. The package comes with a step by step installation guide and support links.


Customers will also get access to a Support system using which any help can be obtained from our agents.


Our developers keep adding innovative features to products and launching new versions. Customers will be getting free updates on the features included.

  • How does the

    facebook photo gallery



    HTML5 Photo Gallery

    is intelligently connected to your facebook page. The images are pulled from the facebook page in real time and displayed as an elegant photo gallery on the website. The photos and images can be directly controlled from facebook. Its as simple as that.

    Is this

    HTML5 Photo Gallery

    compatible with Wordpress?

    Yes this incredible

    HTML5 Image Gallery

    is a wordpress plugin. It can be easily integrated into your wordpress sites to bring out a beautiful and rich

    Wordpress Photo Gallery

    on your website.

    What are the advantages of this magnificent

    facebook photo gallery


    This html5 photo gallery is directly connected to your facebook page. So:
    • No space from your server is used. All the images are stored in facebook.
    • Facebook is your admin panel to manage your photo gallery.
    • No additional bandwidth from your server is used and the photos load seamlessly.

    What is a

    HTML5 photo gallery


    A photo gallery for websites done using HTML5 and CSS3 is called as a

    HTML5 photo gallery

    . Here sometimes the word Photo literally doesn’t mean for realistic photos alone it can be used. It can also be used for images and hence its also called by many as a

    HTML5 Image Gallery


    HTML5 Photo Gallery Templates

    makes the image gallery effects smooth and creative on any web pages.

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