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Get your website this cool email contact form that just works fantastic ! This beautiful and simple contact form plugin will induce your visitors just fill it for the sheer joy of filling it ! go on try it and never miss another lead !

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  • html5contactform

    This incredible html5 contact form uses the power of Ajax and CSS3 to give a stunning yet professional looking contact form on your website . It is also integrated with Google Maps to make your job more easy .

    While building a website its a daunting job to build a contact form with all the Validation and required integrities . This ready-to-use Viperwolf HTML5 contact form just slips inside your website in a snap !


    Download-install-works fantastic for lifetime. Period Wont take you more than 5 minutes to get it up and running. Installation help given in a most user friendly manner so anyone can install it in a few clicks .

    Features :
    • Includes Google Maps and HTML Geolocation ( this provides your users with All validation taken care inline . Form inputs are animated in a smooth for showing failure or acceptance notices ( Using jQuery )
    • CAPTCHA ( are you human ? ) verification built in
    • Input fields designed with elegance and the form inputs are animated on focus .
    • Includes client side and server side validation - and powered by AJAX ( will work even if Javasacript is turned off )
    • Tested and Fully valid HTML5 code .

    Also Contains :

    Social Media Icon Pack:

    Mobile Optimized Phone Number Display with Country Flag:

    Country Flags Icon Pack featuring 205 countries:

    Installation :

    This html5 contact form is packaged with the simplest installation method . The package comes with a step by step installation guide and support links .

    Support :

    Customers will also get access to a Support system using which any help can be obtained from our agents .

    Updates :

    Our developers keep adding innovative features to products and launching new versions . Customers will be getting free updates on the features included .

  • What is a

    HTML5 contact form

    HTML5 is a new trend in technology using which web 2.0 stuff can be done in a more effective and seamless manner . A contact form done using HTML5 and CSS3 is a

    HTML5 contact form

    . Simple contact forms can be made more elegant and beautiful with professional animated fields using HTML5 . The load time and lead capture mechanism can be built more solid and fail proof using HTML5 .
    What is a

    HTML contact form

    A contact form done on HTML is a html contact form . Making a contact form in HTML is old school and many features work in an under performing manner . With advent of new technologies like HTML5 the html contact form has been upgraded in many websites with the new html5 contact form .
    what is

    Php contact form

    PHP is a server side script . Any contact form requires certain amount of Server side scripting to make things happen - this server side logic is done using PHP and hence some people call it as a Php contact form . Most old school contact forms have a post back when the form is submitted . With advent of \ latest tech trends like Ajax , Jquery , Html5 etc. forms are posted without a post back at all - hence preventing the page from flickering and posting back only required elements in an A-synchronous manner .
    Similarly some users call a contact form which uses Jquery as a

    Jquery contact form

    and some users call it a

    css3 contact form

    ( as it uses CSS3 )
    What is the difference between a

    Simple contact form

    and an

    email contact form

    A simple contact form doesn’t have a built in email sending feature once the form is filled . Instead the lead is stored in the database . In an email contact form , an email is sent to the site admin once a lead is filled .
    Why is it better to use a

    contact form widget

    than doing the contact form script on your own ?
    Then are many benefits while using a contact form plugin . First of all the website designer can concentrate fully on the website design instead of spending time on the

    contact form template

    , code , validation etc. When a

    contact form plugin

    is developed by someone else - he puts his full effort on the widget alone and makes an awesome contact form that just works best in all angles .Moreover the developer doing it will be testing it all along and launching new versions. So all these benefits are obtained by using a contact form widget over spending time on the

    contact form code


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