HTML5 apps are the native mobile app & desktop app killers. Unlike traditional web apps, HTML5 web applications include lots of features in creating the perfect web design. Viperwolf gives some really useful HTML5 tools to power your web applications with a HTML5 Video Player, HTML5 Audio Player, HTML5 Slideshow, HTML5 Contact Form & HTML5 Webmaster. You can use these HTML5 tools to enhance your web applications into a HTML5 Web Application and also monetize it. Viperwolf HTML5 Services are experts in Responsive Web Design which is a new HTML5 Web Design concept.

Some aspects of HTML5:

  • Better Typography and Custom Fonts for a beautiful HTML5 Web Design
  • Frameworks, Boilerplates and HTML5 Tools / Toolkits for building powerful HTML5 Web Applications
  • HTML5 brings Graphics to your browser via which one can develop HTML5 Games