• March 20th, 2012
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HTML5 Boilerplate


Viperwolf player now integrates seamless on HTML5 Boilerplate powered sites !

* What is HTML5 Boilerplate ?

HTML5 Boilerplate is an interesting HTML5 Framework / template for building HTML5 based websites in a robust and quick manner . Using the HTML5 Boilerplate HTML / CSS / JS template responsive web designs can be built in a snap .

html5 boilerplate


* How does the Viperwolf video player work with HTML5 Boilerplate ?

The Viperwolf HTML5 video player has been tuned to integrate a entire Video management solution on any sites built over the HTML5 Boilerplate templates . It has been in a manner that the installation of the player just takes seconds to install it in any websites built on the HTML5 boilerplate template .

* How can this Video player help websites built on HTML5 Boilerplate ?

Nearly 99% of websites require Videos of some sort – be it a Demo video or a information video or a testimonial video , nearly all websites require video . So does websites built on the HTML5 Boilerplate templates . The Viperwolf Video player is done on HTML5 and compatible across all browsers and mobile devices . This Video player comes with a Video management suite using which all videos in the site can be managed easily . Moreover the Video management system if Viperwolf is totally responsive in design . It just merges seamlessly on any websites built on HTML5 Boilerplate .

HTML5 Boilerplate

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